Digital LED Cake Topper

"Display All Numbers 0-9 with The Digital LED Cake Topper. Number Displayed Is User Selectable. Great for Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations."

The Digital LED Cake Topper device, model DLEDCT-G-01, is a discrete LED based cake topper capable of displaying all of the numbers 0-9 via 64 flickering, bright green light emitting diodes (LEDs).  The device comes with an ON/OFF switch, a number SELECTION toggle switch, a USB type C input power connector, and a candle holder making for an extremely easy user experience.  Batteries are include with every device for immediate non-tethered use.

Powering The Cake Topper

The device may be powered by either two lithium CR2032 batteries or an external USB type C cable. 

1. To power the device with an external USB type C cable, place the ON/OFF switch

    in the OFF position.

2.  To power the device using the internal batteries, slide the ON/OFF switch to the

     ON position.  

When not using the device, please make sure to place the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position so as not to drain the batteries.

Using the Cake Topper

Toggle the number SELECTION switch until the desired number is displayed.  Should you accidently bypass the desired number, just keep toggling as it reloops after the number 9 restarting at 0.  Place a candle inside the candle holder should you so desire.  After use, to turn the device off, simply slide the ON/OFF switch lever to the OFF position.

This device can be used repeatedly for different birthday or anniversary celebrations.  For single digit birthday or anniversary celebrations, use one device.  For two digit birthday or anniversary celebrations, use two devices.  

Product Maximum Dimensions

The device is 5.75 in. x 3.48 in. x 1.14 in.



Use for hosting client birthday or anniversary celebrations at restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, and other entertainment venues.  It may also be used for New Year celebrations highlighting the coming new year.


Use for at home birthday or anniversary celebrations for loved ones in an intimate environment.

Because this device is capable of displaying all numbers 0-9, and can be used multiple times per battery replacement, you can save on cake topper storage inventory count and costs for either home or business needs.


Product Description


Product Description

The Anti-Hacking Charging Interface model number U2U-AHCI-01 can be used to protect your product from being hacked when connected to commercial charging stations or any other potentially deviant charging source.  This product is specifically designed for devices using the USB Type C 3.x connector.  

It protects your devices from being hacked by removing all data lines and only passing through  the voltage and ground connections.  There are no circuits or components.  This product addresses reports of unsuspecting passengers being hacked while having their products being charged at airport charging stations and other publicly available charging stations.  Two noted reports are found here:



Product samples are available.  

Product Maximum Dimensions Including Connector

1.61 in. x 0.81in. x 0.42 in.


Place between your device and the charging cable as shown in the figure and connect.

Only compatible with USB Type C connectors.  

From the demonstration video shown above, it is shown that when not using the Anti-Hacking Charging Interface, your device effectively becomes a readable drive for the charging source.  Our device effectively eliminates this potential.