Ordering Information

The Digital Numerical Cake Topper is available for purchase directly through Amazon.

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     Product Summary

  •     Low Price: $21.85 per unit
  •     Amazon ASIN Number: B0BCH614L3
  •     LED color: Neon Green
  •     64 LEDs flicker on and off for that celebratory effect!
  •     Number displayed is user selectable via a toggle switch!
  •     Takes the place of 10 independent cake toppers!
  •     Use again and again multiple times per battery replacement!
  •     Product is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and new year's celebrations.        In essence, our product may be used for any celebration commemorating        a numerical value!

Wholesale To Retailers and Distributors

Retailers and distributors, please contact us should you wish to carry our products, the Digital LED Cake Topper and the Anti-Hacking Charging Interface, in your retail space.  We are always open to creating new distribution and sales channels for our product and building new business relationships.